This is the sequel to Turbo Quest 2 by phoenicia ( Basically just a stupid game I made in a few hours for a Twitch stream to try out the new RPG Maker MZ. It kinda sucks but maybe you'll like it? I dunno!

Buk Buk got turned into a pig because they didn't put a chicken in the RPG Maker MZ default assets. Help him re-chicalate himself!

Should take 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

TIP: Press F3 after full-screening it to make it stretch to fit the screen.

TIP: Talk to the fairy in the first town to enable TURBO SPEED!


  • Arrow keys or numpad 2468 to move
  • Z, enter, or space to accept
  • X, escape, or numpad 0 to cancel or open the menu
  • Shift to run

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